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Our business began in the early 80's. A father and son started Greens Bedding in Wallisdown and the store stood there for 30 years. Both Father and Son grew up in East London before heading south to sunny sunny Dorset. 

Initially, they sold all types of goods as a General store of sorts. Then Bedding became beauty queen of the store with our customers being extremely happy with the products we provided in our home textiles range.

Traveling around the country we would do big tours and drop into numerous manufacturers grabbing some great products and picking up some 2nds goods here and there that provided a great product to our customers at a rock bottom price.

Business was going smooth. As we grew we started importing our own products from around the world. Visiting manufacturers in many countries trying to find the best quality products. Long before Internet and Email.

We would send wire transfers overseas and cross our fingers it would arrive. No risk No reward. After establishing some fantastic relationships we started different product lines like Microdown and the Comfysoft product line. Which we were lucky enough to start wholesaling around the Country in various shops and businesses.

Raising a young family in Dorset, We took a huge advantage of the coastline and the beautiful sites it has to offer. In the Summer of 96, we bought a Static Caravan at Weymouth Bay. Long summer holidays in the caravan and going every weekend we could bring us some fantastic memories. Riding bikes, BBQ, Picnics and the kids just general adventuring around the park. Walking down the beach in Weymouth with a Rossi's ice cream still brings a smile to our face.

We loved the caravan and it was a true home away from home. With our expertise in the bedding industry and our love for Caravans, it only made natural sense to start providing great linens to our fellow caravanners.

We bought a touring caravan and soon realised there was a big problem with the bed sizes and the lack of sheets available to have a comfortable nights sleep. There were products available but at really inflated prices and not of home like quality.

The rest is history as they say. We spent a few years going through caravans and finding the right shapes and sizes. Discussing with our long-standing manufacturers the quality and cuts that we required for each caravan brand. Then we put our caravan fitted sheets to market with some great prices and same great quality we have been producing for over 35 years.

From there we realised there was quite a lot of interest in our caravan sheets. We grew the caravan bedding range to caravan mattress protectors. Then decided to develop caravan duvet covers and our full caravan bedding packs!

Thanks for reading and we hope you enjoy the site and we look forward to connecting with all of you.


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