£1200 for one bedding set?!

Best nights sleep Luxury Bedding Top Quality Bedding £1200 Bedding

Does that sound crazy? Just bear with me.

After being in the bedding industry for 35 years we have had so many people reach out and ask whats the best bedding you can buy.

We've decided to launch a new section of the site for Home Luxury Bedding. With a very limited selection of only the very best Goose Down Duvets, Goose Down Pillows, and other Luxury Bedding options.

We recognize you want a nice bed for your caravan but most of our customers have lovely homes too that they probably sleep in more than their caravan.

For this reason, we have a very small selection of what we actually use on our own beds.

Now, it's not a cheap set up.

However, we have seen people spend £30,000 - £40,000 on a beautiful new caravan to then set aside £3 for a sheet from a supermarket that has to be tucked in and just won't last, unfortunately.

We have decided to show what we found to be the best bang for your buck for your bedroom.

The average person is going to spend a third of their life in bed.

People buy new clothes every week. Shoes for £100s, Coats for £100s and sofas for £1000s. Tv's for £1000s. Even spending £1000s on a bed and mattress.

Then when it comes to bedding they just grab the cheapest product available. We still can't really figure out why?!

You are going to use your bed every single day for 8 hours a day. Nearly 3000 hours a year. 

If you buy the right bedding it will last for years and years. The reward is huge. Beautiful quality sheets. Light and luxurious duvets. Fantastic nights sleep. The only problem you have is being able to get out.

Now, don't choose bedding over a mortgage payment obviously and you don't have to purchase anything we suggest either.

However, we have seen sheets that just aren't what they really say they are or just aren't worth the money. 1000 thread count etc for £100s but we think there are cheaper better options.

As we said people have asked what we think is the best we've seen over 3 decades in the industry and here is the list of what we have on our own bed.

We have 2 cheaper supportive pillows underneath our 2 main goose down pillows. 

Our 2 main pillows would be the Nimbus Gold Collection Goose Down Pillows: Found here.

Then we have the Nimbus Gold Collection Goose Down Duvet - Superking and we don't like it too hot so just the 9.0 tog.

This is the priciest part of the bedding at £453 but it has a 10-Year Warranty! Here

Then we have the Nimbus bronze collection goose down topper. It's like your sleeping on a cloud. Available here.

Our favourite sheets are the Belledorm 600 thread count 100% Cotton Sateen Deep fitted sheets.

We like simple designs so our duvet covers are the plain dyed 600 thread count 100% cotton sateen duvet cover from Belledorm too.

These sheets are a great price at only £79.00 (Superking). They are on sale from nearly £200. The 1000 thread count Egyptian cotton sheets Belledorm make are absolutely fabulous as well.

We just feel the 600 thread count sheets are a great buy and down to preference. The 1000 thread count is quite a stronger thicker sheet so it's just down up to you.

You can't go wrong either way.

The heavy lifting in the bedding price is anything that is Goose Down. You are always going to have to pay more for a natural product.

Natural products are far more breathable and longer lasting. Better for your skin and just an overall better product.

The more expensive the duvet usually means the higher percentage of Goose Down. Then there are many standards of Down that also comes into play. 

The SIlver Collection Nimbus Goose Down Duvet we think is very good value. If money is no option then the Gold Collection Goose Down Duvet is the best of the best!

If you like blankets then the greatest blankets made in Britain are John Atkinson Blankets by Hainsworth. We've added a small selection of them too.

People have always asked what bedding we personally use and now you know. You can spend absolutely £1000s on bedding. Fine silks etc.

We believe that this set up for roughly £1200 is the best value for money.

It's unbelievable quality and will last forever and you won't go back to cheap sheets I'm sure.

As it lasts so long you can buy in stages. Birthdays, Christmas and build up your amazing bedding over time.

Happy Shopping! Thanks for reading.



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