How to know your sheets are good quality!

At Caravan Bed Linen we've been noticing a lot of products online that advertise their product with words like "feels like 1500 threads"

As the Bedding industry has gotten so large and competitive companies are trying to gain as big a profit margin as possible.

Just do your due diligence with everything you're buying. There are some lovely man-made materials out there but anything that "Feels like" is not a natural product.

We have our caravan polycotton sheet that is a 50/50 blend of poly and cotton. which is a great alternative to our 100% cotton caravan sheets. 

However, lots and lots of companies will just be providing a completely polyester sheet that may be soft on the first inspection but it just won't last and isn't breathable.

At caravan bed linen we have been a family business for 35 years and have sourced our products over the decades. The quality we use is the best we have can find.

Thread count can be very deceiving too as there are many types of cotton quality. something listed as 1000 thread count with cheaper cotton could potentially mean not a lot.

I hope this helps anyone looking for bedding for their home or caravan. Any questions please don't hesitate to reach out to us. If it looks to good to be true chances are it is!

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