Caravan Bedding for Australia and New Zealand!

Caravan Bedding Caravan Sheets Australia

We've had so many requests in this business from people all over the world.

However, the most requests and emails for our caravan sheets have come from the furthest place possible Australia and New Zealand.

We have been doing this a long time and we have been able to ship all over. The problem was the pricing just never made sense. It wasn't financially viable to send our caravan bedding that far.

With 30 years experience and as a long time customer to many shipping companies we have managed to negotiate some brilliant prices that we think will make our Australian and New Zealand friends very happy.

We have made Bailey caravan bedding and Swift caravan bedding available to you for very small shipping fees,

We are offering 2 bundled products.

Our best product deal is the caravan bedding bundle which includes:

2 - Caravan fitted sheets

1 - Caravan mattress protector

This bundle ships for only £19.99 

We worked really hard to make this work as its a very typical order from our customers.

The other bundle deal is  2 caravan sheets and then, of course, we are offering the option for just 1 caravan sheet shipped on its own. With this being said though the best-negotiated price is the Caravan bedding bundle.

The single caravan sheet ships for £10.99

You have the choice of either our 50/50 polycotton caravan sheets or the 100% cotton quality for a touch more.

Again thanks for all the requests and emails from everyone we know there is a demand in Australia and New Zealand and hopefully this puts us one step further to help you completely kit out all your amazing caravans!

If you need anything specially made or have any requests we would love to hear from you via our contact us page or feel free to message us on our facebook messenger.

We are always available.

Thanks for all your continued support.

Happy Shopping,

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