Goose Down Pillow
Goose Down Pillow
Goose Down Pillow
Die Zudecke

Die Zudecke - Canadian Goose Down Pillow

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If you are looking to really spoil yourself; these irresistible Die Zudecke Canadian snow white goose down pillows are the answer, an absolute delight to sleep on.

Produced to the highest standard by the Surrey Down Company, these are exquisite, ultra light, soft and warm Canadian Goose Down pillows filled with 100% finest Canadian White snow goose down clusters.

The 100% Cotton Down Proof cambric cover is 330 Thread Count, for extra comfort and natural breathability. This pillow is fully machine washable, and is Nomite Certified, making it suitable for those allergic to house dust mites. This Canadian Goose Down Pillow will undoubtedly provide you with a truly divine sleeping experience.

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